Top 10 Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Blog or Website!

There are 100’s of ways to get free backlinks to your blogs. But what are the best proven methods which work for sure? Good that you have this question on your mind.

Let me guide you through this steps and processes of getting easy backlinks. Every single point will be discussed on alarger scale in the coming days. Do not hesitate to input your thoughts or probably suggestions to enhance the knowledge of others about your Best backlinking methods. Like the tree below, backlinks should be structured and be held bystrong roots.

So these are the Top 10 Methods to get easy Backlinks: 

1) Blog Commenting:

It is the most effective and the easiest method to get backlinks to your site or blog. Don’t get jinxed with Dofollow and Nofollow. A link is a link when it is from a relevant blog. 

Use this Dofollow List to its fullest potentiality.

3) Create Free Blogs:

Blogger, WordPress and others are mainly a great way to create identity for your blog and place a link to your homepage. Here is a complete list of free blog creation websites:

4) Use free forums:

This will help you get along with the community and also will help you get free backlinks through the Forum Signatures.

5) Use Free Wiki Creation sites:

6) Use Free Press Releases:

7) Guest Blogging:

Apart from contributing to the other blogs and show your writing skills and knowledge, you will be able to post your Blog link in that article. This rule applies to many of the popular blogs. Some of the blogs where they accept Guest Blogging are:

8) Use Dofollow Article Directories such as:

9) Use these Top 10 Dofollow Forums:

10) Blog Post Interlinking:

Interlink your own blog posts effectively for a Successful Blogging Experience. Make it relevant and this will help you serve the blog readers better. This has proven one of the best strategic methods of building links within your site!

Note: Building backlinks should be natural in any case. Google will penalize your site no matter what, if you are a new blogger and if you plan to misuse these lists and doing something which is blackhat or using some unnatural methods. In addition to these methods write good quality content what your Blog readers like. Source…
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