15 Tips for Keeping Your Twitter Followers

Top 15 Tips for Keeping Your Twitter Followers

Engaged people do choose to unfollow sometimes – after all, they are paying attention! Here are some tips for keeping your most valuable Twitter followers happy and un-annoyed, so they won’t want to unfollow you.
  1. Make sure your Twitter bio and tweets are on the same page.
  2. Don’t automatically DM (direct message) people when they follow you.
  3. Don’t have apps tweet for you, unless you think they’ll be interesting for your followers.
  4. Have some variety and good stuff in your last three tweets.
  5. Don’t just talk about yourself.
  6. Don’t tweet too often.
  7. Do tweet regularly.
  8. Be wary of politics and religion.
  9. Be mindful of your potty mouth.
  10. Be consistent with your language.
  11. Consider having two accounts for different purposes.
  12. Don’t ignore @s (mentions).
  13. Don’t just auto-post from Facebook or another social network.
  14. Don’t get hacked.
  15. See if your Twitter triggers any red flags.
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