Basics about Meta Tags

Meta tags or Meta Elements are HTML and XHMTL elements that provide information about Web Page. Most used meta tags are: Title, Description, Keywords, Author etc.. Although in most cases only Meta Title and Description are used. Meta tags also contain technical data about web page code language, Charest and to allow or disallow crawling of web page by different search engine robots.

Robots (Web crawlers, Web spiders) are computer programs used by search engines that create copy of crawled web page in search engine index. Index is database of copied web pages crawled by robot. Index is used by search engines to provide user almost instant results when they are searching the internet.

Meta tags (Title and Description, sometimes Keywords) are one of the biggest factors that show search engines what your web page is about. Web pages with no meta tags are seen in eyes of robots like low priority web pages and therefore they mostly will rank at end of search results for given query.

On most blogging platforms Meta Title and Description can be set in options of blog, so there is no need to change any source code of blog.

If you are owner of blog or website you can use tools like Meta blog stats to ensure that your Meta tags are set up correctly. Your meta tags should be related to your website or blogs content.

If you host blog for example about gaming, you should mention words like games or gaming in your meta title and description so that the users and the robots know what your blog is about. This way Search engine will give you better place in Search results for keyword gaming or games, and the users will have better idea on what to expect on your blog before they enter.

So you don't only write your meta tags for robots, you write it for human visitors too.
Keep in mind that if you put something like this: "Games, Gaming, Gamers, Fun games" as your meta Description you will get penalty by search engines for keyword stuffing, and probably users wont click your site form search engine results if they see unattractive text like that in description.

Keyword stuffing is action where user tries to manipulate search engine results by putting a lot of keywords in title, description and body of the page, making the page unreadable for human visitor in exchange for higher ranking in the search engine results. Search engines algorithm has evolved trough the years and is now fully capable to recognize when someone is trying to do this, some users have done keyword stuffing by putting keywords in the bottom of page and putting it in the same color as web page background, that way they did stuffing and it doesn't bother visitor to read normal text in body, in most cases visitor can't notice that web page is doing keyword stuffing, luckily again search engine algorithm is designed to recognize this and people caught using this techniques can get they web site or blog banned permanently from search engines.

Almost all search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Google) today uses only Title and Description Meta tag while Keyword Meta tag is only used by Yahoo.

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