More Traffic by Secret Search Engine Labs

How to get More Traffic by Secret Search Engine Labs

Hello WebmasterI'm writing to tell you about a really cool tool I found recently....
Many of us use social bookmarking services to bookmark our own websites and sometimes we even buy packages where someone in India will bookmark your site on 100 social bookmarking sites for just $20, $30 or $40, Know what? bookmarking your own sites and hiring bookmarking assistants does work but it take some planning and a lot of work.
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I hate doing it, and most of the time you get only one bookmark from every service. One bookmark does not help much because your link will be buried among other bookmarking on the service.
So now I found this sent-from-heaven tool that will automatically have other people bookmarking your site.
You just enter your url, title and description and SocialAdr makes sure your url is bookmarked. So what's the catch?
The system works by everyone sharing each others bookmarks. You bookmark someone’s url on your bookmarking sites and then someone else bookmarks your urls.
And the best thing is, IT'S ALL AUTOMATED, you don't have to visit a lot of bookmarking sites to do your part of the work, just tell the system what you want to bookmark and it will do it for you!
Now to make things even better there's also a paid version where you buy credits and then other people bookmark your urls on autopilot. You just enter your urls and they get shared.
And it doesn't cost much. One of my urls got 22 links visible on Yahoo Site Explorer for a cost of about $5 in credits. Considering a paid web directory often charges $10 for just one link that may not even show up in Site Explorer, 22 links for $5 is a steal.
You don't even have to sign up for a monthly plan, just go for the free version and then buy credits as you need them SocialAdr is the perfect tool for bloggers. I use a technique of entering every quality blog post I make into SocialAdr, this way I build links to every page of my site which has a positive SEO effect on the site as a whole. Join SocialAdr HereTo Your Success.
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